Wow! After an insanely eventful final semester I am glad to say I am back in the game. After spending a few weeks writing inspiring posts about slowing down and taking time to do new things or have new experiences you’d think I would have taken the time to write them all down. Instead, I got caught up in being a senior in college with a whole lot on my plate. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade a second of my last few months for anything else.

Lessons learned this semester include: always reaching out when your heart tells you to, take opportunities to travel, rediscover what you’ve lost, and don’t be afraid of being judged.

Reaching Out: This past semester I entered into a pre-existing group of friends with an anxious feeling of trying to belong. I had avoided showing interest because I wasn’t sure that I would fit in. Guess what! I did and almost instantly! This semester I found a beautiful family of students that I could spend tons of time with and enjoy conversations with constantly. I looked forward to my Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings like it was the only thing in my life worth living for…come to find out it kind of is!

Travel: This semester I took my choreography to New York City and performed with a fellow dance student. We had such an amazing time and I was able to get my name out there without being tied to a class. I learned a lot about being a solo dance artist and working with other people. I didn’t start a company by any means but I quickly realized that I could go for it and, with faith, be fairly successful. I also had the privilege of traveling to North Carolina with a beautiful cast for an MFA thesis project. Timing was no where near perfect! ImageWe were there for as long as we spent traveling to and from and it was the weekend before finals week. At first it was stressful thinking of the little time it would be but it proved to be so worth it! I had some amazing times with people who I love and will stay in touch with long after we’ve graduated.

Rediscover What You’ve Lost: The biggest news in my search to live fully as a twentysomething in the world today is that I finally found that something that was missing. It can sound fairly corny of me to say that even though I was happy and living a fairly fulfilling life there was something that I’d lost in my college years: my faith. This semester I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ and I have never been happier.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Judged: In rediscovering my Christian roots I realized that I can be afraid of what others might think. I will be open about my faith and will share with others about His love. People can choose to label me as weird or prissy but that isn’t the goal. I will love each person unconditionally in hopes that it will be returned. If it’s what makes me happy then I cannot worry about what others might think. Because as young adults, we have the power to keep ourselves happy and thriving in the world that we live in. We’re only here for so long!

Now that I’m back in my blogging mindset, I cannot wait to post weekly on being an inspired twentysomething, living a life full of adventure and love. I can’t wait to share the journey with you all once again! With love.

Please Vote!

Hi Everyone!

I have entered for a chance to be a part of American Eagle’s next campaign! As an artist and someone who finds joy in every day life I feel as though I’d be a wonderful representation of today’s young adults! If you share in my aspirations to inspire and love all of those who support others, please vote!

This morning I’m thinking of how often people put themselves down. I have many friends who are in their early twenties who say “I’ll never make it” or “I’m so fat”. Hearing someone do this makes it hard not to reflect on your own personal shortcomings and dwell.

I have noticed that I myself tend to say good words about myself and this at times can make me seem over confident in my social network. I start every morning by looking in the morning and saying “wow, I look good today!” Do I always think that? No, but I make myself feel good by declaring that I am at my best. I’m trying not to say negative things when another person inquires about my day or asks how I’m doing. The more happiness we find in ourselves, the more we can help others harness their own happiness.

At our age we should be happy and healthy. Yes, we’re going to have bad days but by using words that encourage a healthy mind we can make it through and become even stronger. I believe that people that are our age should believe that they can conquer the world, should be able to notice their own beauty, and should become infectious. Be an encouragement to those who might be looking to you for help by exuding inner peace and light.

It’s your life; if you state that you’re happy and that you’re beautiful, eventually you are going to live it fully! So choose the right words today. Become a confident, young, radiant person.


ImageI received notification that the beautiful blogger: has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I am so honored to know that others are recognizing me for being an inspiration! As I always say, simply knowing that I am inspiring others is an inspiration to keep writing. Since I am completing this entry today I will have something for you all within the remainder of the weekend!

I just recently began blogging but, I’ve always had an interest. My goal is to inspire people who are in their twenties who are going through major life changes to keep their heads up. I am so thankful for the things that have taught me to stay happy and positive no matter what happens and sharing this love is extremely important.

To complete this honor there are a few rules:

1.Display the award logo on your blog
2.Link back to the person who nominated you (just click HMC above)
3.State 7 things about yourself
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Seven Fun Facts About Meghan:

1. I am a dance major in college.

2. I have super short hair and consider that a defining trait.

3. I come from a large family: 4 older brothers and 1 younger sister

4. It’s safe to say that grapefruit is my favorite food.

5. I have no shame in saying that I am in love with Harry Potter

6. I’m seriously obsessed with David Bowie

7. My sweet tooth is a monster!

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Tomorrow: Look at the big picture, don’t get caught up in the little things!

If there is one thing I’ve discovered when trying to stay positive in life; it’s that writing thoughts and feelings down is a great strategy. Whenever I begin struggling with emotions or start running out of ideas for choreography I try to journal. Honestly, even if it’s just a scribble on a post-it note it can be an instant stress relief! That’s actually one of the reasons I began this blog. I knew that having a place to reflect on the positive nature of each aspect of life would help me to be at my best always.

It really hit me that writing helps after I realized that I hadn’t written an entry in almost 2 weeks! Generally the chaos of life becomes overwhelming and can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. Putting these feelings into words becomes an easy outlet Imagewithout having to burden others with your thoughts. Words are therapy and communication is important; including communication with oneself.

I recently decided to write all of my emotional turmoil down in a letter to someone. Originally this letter was for my own purposes however, after seeing the outcome I decided that it should be delivered. Having the ability to critically think of the correct phrasing to express my state of mind offered a personal therapy session. I was able to analyze what was happening within my head and decide what the important topics were to get off of my chest. I automatically felt as though the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The thought that someone would read this and know everything that I felt helped me to feel relieved of any animosity or discomfort. Sending the letter was even more of a relief because it sparked an important conversation.

If you take the time to write, whether it be for yourself and/or another person, you can create your own outlet for happiness. Expressing yourself is an extremely important aspect to mental and emotional stability. Taking the time for yourself to deeply look into your thoughts can help you to figure out your own solutions for problems that are wracking your brain. Knowing that you’ve solved your own problems is very rewarding. I truly believe that journaling, blogging, or writing letters to people will allow us to keep our heads up when we deal with 20something life!

“Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.” ~ Greg Anderson

When the busyness of the new school semester hits you once again, or when Monday comes around in the work week it’s often hard to remind yourself to stop and simply breathe. Everybody tends to get caught up in simply getting through each day. This mentality of merely making it through the week; living from Monday to Friday, will not help anyone in the long run.

Today I began rehearsing for a third-year graduate MFA candidate’s thesis. We will be going from 9 am – 2 pm from Monday to Saturday for the next two weeks until the beginning of our school semester. Starting next Monday I will also have winter RA training all day following those rehearsals. Now that I am back into this full on schedule I am noticing things that I should do for myself in order to keep a peaceful and calm mind.

I began the morning by waking up at 7 am which gave me two hours to fully prepare for my dance rehearsals for the day. Immediately upon rising I made myself a cup of hot green tea Imageand simply sat and enjoyed it. The morning has something amazing to offer us: silence. The world around you is also beginning a new day and taking the chance to take it all in is quite amazing. Having this little extra time was really relaxing and got me off to a great start!

I did a 3 day detoxification cleanse (Dr. Oz Detox, you can see all of the information here ) last week/weekend and it helped me to create some lasting health options that keep me pumped for the day. Since ending the cleanse I have still had a smoothie for breakfast every morning and have had a continuous amount of energy throughout my days. Some smoothies don’t offer substantial amounts of calories and fat to begin your day so I also have begun to add some whole grain options like an English muffin with honey. Starting your day with a healthy meal keeps you energized and ready to take on the world. Keeping a healthy diet also can help you overcome feelings of stress and anxiety.

Once the usual daily activities are done for the day it’s hard to want to do anything but sit on the couch and veg in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Doing so can cause one to dwell on the downsides of the day and simply lose track of the important things that help one enjoy their life. I strongly suggest taking the time to make your own dinner and sit down with music or silence surrounding you. Enjoying the fruits of your labor is extremely rewarding and often helps me to focus on the successes of my day. It’s also nice to know that you have the ability to make a delicious meal. I have gone through my day today feeling absolutely wonderful. It’s currently 11:43 pm and I’m full of energy but I’m also actually looking forward to waking up in the morning. I know that I have plans for tomorrow and that I have a routine to fulfill but that knowledge is more of a reward than a chore.

So take the time in your hectic schedule to create a routine that helps you to find peace in your day. You should always feel excited to keep going with your life, not dread waking up to “do the usual”. I strongly believe that what I’ve done for myself in the past week has led to my current energized state. Make things that are relaxing a scheduled part of your day so that you can reflect on your life and revel in the beauty around you. As 20somethings we’ve got a lot to think about: finances, jobs (whether it’s finding one or your current one), finishing school or beginning school, and so many other things. Why not take some time to not think about the worrisome aspects of life and take time to appreciate the beautiful little moments in each day.

I’m sitting here completely on my own in a room that usually houses 5 people. I am sitting Imagehere twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do. Slowly I am finding that there is something quite wonderful about this moment…

I work as a Resident Assistant at my college and I had to come back much sooner than the majority of students. Sure there are the select few who are back for winter session (or for no reason at all) but my room will not have other human beings in it until tomorrow. The first few hours went by abnormally fast and it was okay, but then the evening set in and now, I don’t really know what to do with myself. But the truth is I actually really like this. I catch myself thinking of how often we struggle with getting work done whether it be for classes or for our jobs and it is really beautiful that I have this chance to be the single soul in this living space.

Being by yourself allows you to truly do the things that you love that don’t require copious amounts of money or going out and being social for a few hours. After feeling extremely bored I picked up a few issues of The New Yorker and made myself some tea. I chose to give myself the chance to do things that I don’t normally do. Well, the tea a daily part of my life but the last time I read The New Yorker was a little under a year ago! The New Yorker gives me the opportunity to enter into a completely new world of intellect and lifestyle. When I pick up this magazine I have to think a bit harder than when I’m reading my Women’s Health and Shape favorites. If I were surrounded by people I wouldn’t be able to focus on reading and actually retain the information that I read. Some may think that being alone is completely boring or that during one’s time alone one would rather pig out and catch up on missed episodes of TV shows but, this is an opportunity to challenge myself to keep up with my goals for the year.

Alone time often causes me to reflect on certain aspects of my life. This can become overwhelming for some of us but as 20somethings, this time can be used for true self discovery. I believe that we should take this time often; I challenge you to look at your day and see when you can find quiet time. Being alone can help relieve stress and can assist in creating new challenges for yourself. Do something that you truly enjoy when you’re alone! Read a book, knit, build something, or even write down your thoughts. Anything that requires you to use your brain is a very helpful task. You can also go the spiritual way and simply meditate on your life. Go ahead! Shut yourself up in your room, take something you love with you, and simply be you!

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the past year it is the importance of really great Imagefriends. When I first went to college I was horrible at keeping in contact with my friends from high school and following through with new friendships. As my college years continued, I began noticing that friendships continued to blossom best when I took time to let someone know I was thinking about them. Now that I am a senior and will be entering my final semester in college, I am taking the time to recognize the people who have made the most impact in my life. These are the people who I can have meaningful conversations with, that make me smile, and who force me to do new things.

I have a few friends who I’ve had in my life since 6th and 7th grade who I will never lose contact with. That’s 11-12 years of knowing these people! These girls are people whom I’ve had plenty of ups and downs with throughout my middle school and high school years but, in the end we still see each other often. My ladies from those years are the ones who I can go out with and simply sit and talk for hours. I have one friend in particular who has made the largest impact in my life. We are the epitome of soul sisters for sure. When we get together we literally talk about everything that we struggle with. We have conversations about some of the largest life decisions and questions out there. She is the woman who recited this quote to me:

“Great minds talk about ideas
Good minds talk about places
Small minds talk about people.”

It is so true! I leave our meetings feeling fulfilled and inspired every time. She will be my best friend all throughout my life and the only way I will keep her around is by keeping in contact. We’ve made it through different schools for four years, semesters on opposite ends of the country, and months of no communication. Having people like this in our lives once we are in our mid-twenties and out of our university years can make it easier to get through everyday life once we’ve entered the “real world”. Sure, we will meet people in our work places and when frequenting bars and restaurants but, our lasting friends are the sidekicks who make us get out there and meet other people.

There are also people who I’ve met during my college years that have the power to keep me happy and who know the struggles that we face while we’re away from home. I have met many people through classes and extra-curricular activities who have the power to make me an active member in society! These are the people who challenge me on a professional level to push my boundaries and do awesome things. I know that when it comes to my professional career as a dance artist, the friendships that have developed in school will be the ones that get me places in work. Having connections and networking during these years allows us to really make something of ourselves once we are out of school. I know that having constant contact with these people will be extremely important in my life outside of school.

Being social on a regular basis is crucial to having a happy and healthy personality. Happiness is best when it’s shared with other people in your life. Knowing that you have friends who are on the same page as you and who can share in your successes and failures is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Moral of the story: keep in contact with the people that you’ve grown to love over your early twenties and keep those relationships thriving as you begin to get older.

Tuesday morning was the big day when people began working on their New Year’s Resolutions, and I was among the masses…or not.

tumblr_mfzjxxoONt1r09dc5o1_1280_largeThis year I decided to do things a bit differently and take January 1st to actually plan my “resolutions”. My first step was choosing to call these resolutions my “Personal Goals” instead of the norm. The key to keeping on track is making things as personalized as possible. You could easily Google “New Year’s Resolutions” and come up with something like this: or you could take the opportunity to really sit down and examine your life and notice the areas that need some attention. Calling these areas in need of attention my “Personal Goals” should make me more apt to take things seriously.

There are so many things that I know I could work on in my life and honestly, simply being aware of this should help me to touch on those throughout the year. In the meantime, I’ve narrowed down my goals to four simple focal points in my daily life. These may seem similar to the focal points of most humans who set New Year’s Resolutions except they are completely personalized. And here they are:

  • Eliminate Sugar (refined sugars) from my daily nutritional intake. Throughout my life I have developed an addiction to sweets. Although it may seem like an over-exaggeration, it isn’t. I love to have something sweet each day and when I eat one sugary treat, I continue to eat more. I have noticed that when I eat too much sugar I begin to feel extremely lethargic and even dizzy. As a 20something, it is so important to pay attention to our health whether it be our current health or our future health. The last thing that I want to do is develop a life threatening disease. So, to achieve this personal goal of mine I will begin avoiding all refined sugars in my diet. I won’t be perfect in this endeavor but I will limit my intake as much as possible. How? Dark Chocolate! This is a treat that will help me indulge but not lose focus because it actually has health benefits without all the added stuff.
  • Say Yes to Social Opportunities when they are available. I am an introvert to a T! I enjoy being alone and having quiet nights sitting around with friends. Unfortunately I’ve learned that I have missed out on a lot of social opportunities in my four years of college because of my love for quiet. It is completely okay to take time to simply relax and be on your own but pretty soon many of us will be leaving the school setting (or we’ve already left it) and we need to find our own social opportunities. I want to be asked to go out with people and have them feel welcome to ask. When you say no too often, people simply stop inviting. I will say no when I don’t feel up to it but, I want to make every effort to meet new people and smile at strangers as often as possible. I will make the time to go out and have a good time with my friends.
  • To Rise at 7 am and Fall at 11/12 pm on six out of seven of my week days. It has been proven that a set bedtime and wake up time helps a person feel less stressed and improves health. I have classes, rehearsals, and jobs at different times every single day of the week which can make for an inconsistent sleep schedule. If I make the effort to set a time to wake up and go to bed, I should have a balanced mind and body. Living life to the fullest will be best attained through a good night’s sleep and who wants to look exhausted when they’re so young?! Again, there will be nights when I stay up a bit later and mornings when I hit snooze but I am striving to be as consistent as possible.
  • Set Aside the Technology and Pick Up the Book! I carry my phone with me everywhere, as do most 20somethings and younger. Heck, even my parents carry their phones with them everywhere. It’s beginning to really strike a nerve in me and I don’t want to be reliant on technology. I want to take an hour each day in which there is no technology (except maybe a clock) in my presence and either read or meditate. Our society is so involved in the wide world of technological advances but this has led to a lack in reading for pleasure. I want to read books and enjoy the words or take time to reflect on myself and my wellbeing. Just an hour a day should do the trick!

Each of these goals is completely personalized and comes from many of my daily desires. Also, I am trying to be relaxed about them because I shouldn’t have another thing to stress about. The point is that I am setting goals and trying to be as consistent as possible. I have noticed that school and work take over my life and the little things that I do for fun get put on the back-burner in many cases. This can cause unneeded stress. I will strive to make “me time” and to keep myself as healthy and happy as possible. It’s my last semester of college and a year that will bring many new adventures, so why not have some every day actions to rely on? Maybe I’ll grow up to take the time to run each day like my dad does or craft often as my mother does. Her Etsy shop has been so successful: (just see for yourself!)

Ladies and gentlemen, focus on yourselves in this time. Strive to be the best version of you in 2013! We’ve got a lot to live for and our 20s are the years to make it happen!


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