Okay readers! What are your priorities in life? What comes first when you think of being your healthiest version of you? When I look at what I need in life to feel fulfilled and excited each day it’s actually fairly easy to come up with those priorities.

1) Health. Being a healthy person has always been important to me. I’ve noticed that the more active I am and the more I focus on what I’m eating, the happier and more alive I feel each day. This in no way is saying that I only eat vegetables and fruit or work out until I can’t stand up. I actually have lost that side of everything for almost a year. When I was in college as a dance major my life was dance. I was moving all of the time! I would workout and do some cardio during my breaks. I also noticed that as I was moving so much I needed to eat well. I never craved foods that didn’t help me survive the day. The only time I wanted to eat pizza or a big greasy burger was when Friday night rolled around. What was great about that was that I could eat it! I have never limited what I eat. Why should we stress about what we’re putting into our bodies? The healthier we are in our activities and when we start to supplement bad snacks with healthy eats we end up stressing less because those are the automatic cravings. Do we want ice cream still? Yes! And we still have it! It’s really just about knowing what your body needs and our bodies speak to us more than we think.

My steps in gaining this back have recently begun and I’ve never felt better. Instead of reaching for ice cream or cookies I’ve started to make smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies. They taste just as great without leaving you feeling full of remorse afterward. I recently joined the ranks of Team Beach Body’s coaches! I  will be beginning my PiYo workouts and Shakeology plan soon! But for now I’m trying to prepare my body and mind for what it’s going to take to be a successful and inspiring coach to everyone!

2) Education. I am one of those weird ones who needs to constantly be learning something new to feel fulfilled in life. I miss college every single day. I always wish that I could be the student inside of the classroom rather than just the teacher. Being the most successful teacher will only come from that desire to learn and actually pursuing ways to learn throughout the day. I’ve been agreeing to a lot more performance opportunities and the feeling that I get from rehearsals is beyond amazing. being surrounded by educated people who have a love for the arts helps to fuel me in life. I leave eager to get to the next week for our rehearsals. I cannot wait to engage in conversations about how our communities and our lives are changed through our art. Reading books and articles help to spark new interests and lead to us searching out new information. We have an abundance of books and articles, newspapers and blogs out there. Why not access them!

3) Love. I’m not speaking solely about having a significant other. I had the chance to spend lots of time with three of my closest friends this weekend and although I slept far less than a normal weekend, I wouldn’t go back to change anything. large (14)Seeing their smiling faces brought back so many amazing memories as well as reminded me of just how far I’ve come. Nurturing relationships in your life is so extremely important. Spending a few hours with them made me so happy. Even making a quick stop to my parents home for less than an hour reminded me of how lucky I am.

Finding love with a significant other has always been one of my life goals. Having someone to share love with holds a lot of importance. I have a lot of people in my life who have been nothing but glowing examples of successful love stories that have led to beautiful, flourishing families. Having a date night with Tim reminded me of why I am with this man. We can sit for hours and discuss everything without reservation. We can be spontaneous and enjoy the company of each others’ friends while still helping our relationship gain momentum. We happened to have some time to kill this past Saturday and walked around until we stumbled upon a new restaurant that we both were interested in trying. We ended up sitting and talking to the owner over drinks, and we got a free drink out of it! We took the time to just be spontaneous and it worked out…it always does!

4) Trying New Things. I’m sitting here listening to a conference call with fellow Team Beach Body coaches which is something that I never would’ve expected I’d do. I tried a new face wash/moisturizer and found success. I went to a rehearsal on my night off. I tried two new places. I went to a house party. All simple things but each one made me so happy! My mind and body flourished this week! Go out and try something new! You will never regret it. And even if you instantly regret it, you’ll probably get over it fairly quick.

These are only a few of the many things that leave me feeling satisfied in life. We need to be present in this life because the more observant we are when something makes us feel good, the more we can incorporate it into our daily lives. Go out there and learn while doing something new! You will not regret it!

Also check out this article! http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12754/13-ways-french-women-treat-themselves-right.html


We live in a society in which we are constantly hearing/reading the opinions of others. Social media feeds our need to constantly be expressing how we feel about any given topic on each day of the week. I’m not one to share my opinion unless prompted for it and even when I get the chance I try to do it in the most politically correct way. Some may say that I’m cautious, and the truth is that I am. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or come across as an ignorant member of society. When do people get to the point where they need to vocalize everything they’re thinking? Where do we find the need to shove our thoughts down the throats of our friends and family?

When choosing what to write about today I had no idea that I would be receiving a call from a very close friend. I happened to be the person with whom she wanted to seek comfort after a conversation with another friend of ours. During their earlier gathering one friend was the “judge” and the other was the focus of all of her judgment. You see, the judge has only ever known one way of life. She has only ever known her own experiences and yet, hearing of the other persons current life brought the judge to the point of over-analyzing every aspect of the others relationship. She jumped to many conclusions without having ever experienced the goings-on herself. Unfortunately, her scrutiny brought doubt to my friend where doubt should never have appeared. She made uninformed judgments based only on what she had experience with from her past. She failed to notice that we are all different.

As I listened to my friend come down from her anxiety after the judging friend left, I wondered where she got off telling my friend that things weren’t the way they should be. If we know not of the other party’s mental state and/or stance on a given situation, why should we feel the need to give them our personal opinion?

I’ve realized that we just live in a very annoying world. We live among people who can’t be happy for each other. There are many people out there who need to break others down in order to “find” their own self-worth. But, complaining about it isn’t going to be a solution to the problem. How can we find a way to support those around us or even be willing to consider where someone else is coming from in a situation so that we can make informed declarations? And most of all, how can we learn to tune out the negativity of other people in order to pursue our own happiness?

I feel as though we need to start from a neutral stance in life. The more relaxed I am, the more I can allow myself to consider the daily happenings of another person. Maybe they have had a bad day, or maybe they think that you’re expecting a large (11)certain response. Be healthy; sleep enough, eat enough, and laugh enough. By approaching life with an open mind and strong mind we can learn to accept the people around us. In any situation, ask yourself “What Would You Do?” but also “What Would They Do?” Ask yourself, “How might my advice be the wrong advice?” I’m not suggesting that we be opinion-less in this life but we need to be aware of how we can affect the well-being of another with just our words. When those around you are happy and when you are helping to build them up, you’re going to find satisfaction in it. It is a wonderful feeling when you’ve helped someone overcome whatever is disrupting their happiness. It feeds the well-being of the community. It is exciting and wonderful.

Have you ever wondered when the idea of a rumor began? The Bible has reference to spreading rumors and lies on many of its pages. There are novels, movies, and television series based on the mere thought of a rumor. It is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. We seem to associate rumors with high school and the horrors that many kids face from bullying in those years but, these harsh words started way before our high school years. There are children spreading rumors from the moment they reach kindergarten. You see, they learn from observation. And the habits that they observe and take-on are carried into our later years.

We all learn from observation. I’ve been observing that you can learn a lot about a person by hearing how they speak about someone else. There are days where I observe people jumping out of their skin to tell their co-workers about the so-called stupidity of another. Where does this need come from? Why do we have to speak harmful words? But, most of all, why can’t we say these things to someones face?

If you are a person in your twenties you have likely been a part of gossip. You may have been the subject or you may have been the creator. What fuels yourlarge (2) need to spread anything hateful to other people? There are two very specific people in my life who speak maliciously each time I see them. My observations have made me trust these people less and less. When I hear the way they talk all I can think is, “What on earth do they say about me”? It is so easy for them to smile at the people that they hate and turn right around to bitch about them. So when you smile at me, you better bet I’m going to question what you’ve got to spread about me to other people.

We can probably each name a few fake people in our world and so I urge you to be become aware of the impression you’re giving each day. Do you want to be one of the rumor creators or do you want to be immune to it? I have made a pact with myself after realizing this pattern in society. I just keep quiet when I hear someone giving the cues that they want to share a secret. If I overhear something being wrongfully said I call that person out. How will we end this epidemic that is diarrhea of the mouth mixed with jealousy. It’s one of the most disgusting sicknesses that we’ve caught.

“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” – Proverbs 21:23

If you choose not to be the person who keeps themselves out of trouble you should believe that those of us who do will largebegin to look at you with disbelief, snub your pettiness, and walk away. Those of you who have been the subject have every right raise your voices to the haters. Those of you who have observed hatred toward a friend or acquaintance should not be afraid to tell the creator of the lies to stop. Let’s find the cure and be the cure. No one likes a gossip junkie and I certainly will not continue to put up with your nasty ways. Watch out world, the twenty somethings are the new warriors on words!

Have you ever noticed that it is very easy to give a smile and a simple response when someone asks you how you’re doing? I see a lot of people every single day and have lots of friendly exchanges. My job as a barista allows many “Hi, how are yous?” and “oh you know, living the dreams,” throughout the day. But, what does that mean? Writing today, I’m realizing that most twenty-somethings aren’t actually living the dream. So what is the dream? Having enough money to pay the bills. Having a significant other (or pet) to share your time with. Always having something to do on your nights off.

I honestly don’t know…

We each have our own versions of living the dream. I can tell you that my own dream consists of lots of dance and never having to think about money. After reading this article, The One Thing Most of Us Are Stressed About , I realized that maybe my dreams are just as unattainable as the rest.

I’m certainly not saying that dreams are wrong. I have followed my dreams and desires for most of my life and it has placed me at a point in my life that I am enjoying so very much. My dreams, however, might not be that realistic. As a society, and especially my generation, we tend to always be reaching for more. When the topic of money comes up, it’s as if we all let out a sigh and roll our eyes. I’m constantly wondering if my career will support a lifestyle that is filled with happy days. And, whenever money is the topic of conversation, we are never where we want to be.

Many of my coworkers, friends, and family can attest to the fact that I say I’m going to stop stressing about money at least once every two weeks. By the end of one of those two weeks, I’ve relapsed and begun to worry myself to sleep once more. I by no means want this to be my struggle but, it just so happens to be the case. So now, I write to figure out just what my goals can be to stop this worrying:

large (1)

Creating a Budget – Been there; done that. I have the app for it. I’ve talked to the experts; yet, somehow there is always an unexpected expense that drifts into view. The holidays, a new townhouse, and a new lease to name just a few.

401K – Yep, I’m a twenty-three year old with a 401K. And I still think that I’m broke.

Cutting Back – Nights out? Don’t have much to worry about there. Clothing obsession? Nope; not me. I’m serious here guys, I have no clue.

…okay so that didn’t work. This is where I come to you; my readers. What is it that you’ve done to ensure that money isn’t a high-stress factor in your life. How can we avoid it? Here’s where my advice just cannot be taken because I just don’t have a clue.

But I’ve decided to attempt to have a clue and here’s what I’ve come up with: there’s no way to avoid it so we’ll have to learn how to live with it. I feel as though this is actually an okay solution. When it comes to money problems take matters into your own hands. I look for babysitting gigs, raises where they might be deserved, and ways to get the most bang for each buck. Just stop worrying. Everyone around you is probably thinking about the same exact things which means that we’re all in this together. Smile to the person next to you. Let each of your friends know that it isn’t worth it to be upset. Life will go on and somehow it will always seem to work out in our favor. Sure, we might have to become creative but, in the end every single second will have been worth it.

If you worry too much about the money earning then you’re probably going to end up missing out on a whole lot of wonderful that you can spend the money on! Life isn’t cheap but happiness is worth every single cent. Live the dream without ever looking back.

It has been approximately a year and a half since I last decided to write out my feelings regarding being a “twenty-something”. A lot has changed since my last entry. As I read my past entries I notice that this  seems to be a common theme; you know, the whole “a lot has changed” bit. This entry has the potential to turn into a life update but, I’ve decided it will all come about with each blog I decided to make available.

As a twenty-three (swiftly approaching twenty-four) year old I’ve discovered that I like to give advice. This little fact could be one of the many things that makes me a successful dance teacher. My students seem to come to me whenever they need to vent or tell me about the latest progress in their lives. They’ve shown thanks for the support I offer and I can tell that they are genuinely comfortable around me. I really like giving pep-talks, especially when I see someone who I care for walk away a happier human being. This evening as I was on a short break I realized something about these pep-talks; I can never give myself advice of the same nature. I try; I mean I honestly have sat down and told myself that I can make it through a trying time. This never seems to work for me though, and I cannot help but wonder, why?

Tonight as I sat on this break I decided that it was time to get back to who I was when I was writing entries in this blog. There have been points in which I’ve been a happier person. Now, this does not mean that I am not a happy person. I am. I also am a complete stress-ball; a true type-A personality. I always want more and I when I’ve reached “more”, it isn’t enough. I want to be liked by all and want to make everyone else’s situation better.

I guess you could say I’ve placed some pretty hard standards for myself…

I’m offering what I don’t have. I don’t have the ability to talk myself up and to make myself a happier and healthier person. I don’t have the right words or thought process to transform my daily internal struggle with where I’ve gotten in life. What makes me think that I can give others advice? Why is it that I can create solutions to their personal problems without hesitation? I need to be there for myself. I cannot offer this to others without first offering it to myself.

This my friends, is why I am writing again. This is why I am reading as much as possible and whlargey I’m napping more. This is why I am spending the money I don’t have to treat myself to a massage and taking vitamins. I’m taking care of myself. I want to be the happy, go lucky girl I once was. I need to live and enjoy each moment. I need to go back to the way I was when I was a five-year old with not a care in the world with the exception of what I would be eating and who I would be playing with.

This is the beginning of my journey backward. A journey to a part of my life when I felt satisfied with where I was and who I had become. I want to find this person and be her again.

Wow! After an insanely eventful final semester I am glad to say I am back in the game. After spending a few weeks writing inspiring posts about slowing down and taking time to do new things or have new experiences you’d think I would have taken the time to write them all down. Instead, I got caught up in being a senior in college with a whole lot on my plate. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade a second of my last few months for anything else.

Lessons learned this semester include: always reaching out when your heart tells you to, take opportunities to travel, rediscover what you’ve lost, and don’t be afraid of being judged.

Reaching Out: This past semester I entered into a pre-existing group of friends with an anxious feeling of trying to belong. I had avoided showing interest because I wasn’t sure that I would fit in. Guess what! I did and almost instantly! This semester I found a beautiful family of students that I could spend tons of time with and enjoy conversations with constantly. I looked forward to my Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings like it was the only thing in my life worth living for…come to find out it kind of is!

Travel: This semester I took my choreography to New York City and performed with a fellow dance student. We had such an amazing time and I was able to get my name out there without being tied to a class. I learned a lot about being a solo dance artist and working with other people. I didn’t start a company by any means but I quickly realized that I could go for it and, with faith, be fairly successful. I also had the privilege of traveling to North Carolina with a beautiful cast for an MFA thesis project. Timing was no where near perfect! ImageWe were there for as long as we spent traveling to and from and it was the weekend before finals week. At first it was stressful thinking of the little time it would be but it proved to be so worth it! I had some amazing times with people who I love and will stay in touch with long after we’ve graduated.

Rediscover What You’ve Lost: The biggest news in my search to live fully as a twentysomething in the world today is that I finally found that something that was missing. It can sound fairly corny of me to say that even though I was happy and living a fairly fulfilling life there was something that I’d lost in my college years: my faith. This semester I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ and I have never been happier.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Judged: In rediscovering my Christian roots I realized that I can be afraid of what others might think. I will be open about my faith and will share with others about His love. People can choose to label me as weird or prissy but that isn’t the goal. I will love each person unconditionally in hopes that it will be returned. If it’s what makes me happy then I cannot worry about what others might think. Because as young adults, we have the power to keep ourselves happy and thriving in the world that we live in. We’re only here for so long!

Now that I’m back in my blogging mindset, I cannot wait to post weekly on being an inspired twentysomething, living a life full of adventure and love. I can’t wait to share the journey with you all once again! With love.

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Hi Everyone!

I have entered for a chance to be a part of American Eagle’s next campaign! As an artist and someone who finds joy in every day life I feel as though I’d be a wonderful representation of today’s young adults! If you share in my aspirations to inspire and love all of those who support others, please vote!


This morning I’m thinking of how often people put themselves down. I have many friends who are in their early twenties who say “I’ll never make it” or “I’m so fat”. Hearing someone do this makes it hard not to reflect on your own personal shortcomings and dwell.

I have noticed that I myself tend to say good words about myself and this at times can make me seem over confident in my social network. I start every morning by looking in the morning and saying “wow, I look good today!” Do I always think that? No, but I make myself feel good by declaring that I am at my best. I’m trying not to say negative things when another person inquires about my day or asks how I’m doing. The more happiness we find in ourselves, the more we can help others harness their own happiness.

At our age we should be happy and healthy. Yes, we’re going to have bad days but by using words that encourage a healthy mind we can make it through and become even stronger. I believe that people that are our age should believe that they can conquer the world, should be able to notice their own beauty, and should become infectious. Be an encouragement to those who might be looking to you for help by exuding inner peace and light.

It’s your life; if you state that you’re happy and that you’re beautiful, eventually you are going to live it fully! So choose the right words today. Become a confident, young, radiant person.


ImageI received notification that the beautiful blogger: http://inspiringthegirls.wordpress.com/ has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I am so honored to know that others are recognizing me for being an inspiration! As I always say, simply knowing that I am inspiring others is an inspiration to keep writing. Since I am completing this entry today I will have something for you all within the remainder of the weekend!

I just recently began blogging but, I’ve always had an interest. My goal is to inspire people who are in their twenties who are going through major life changes to keep their heads up. I am so thankful for the things that have taught me to stay happy and positive no matter what happens and sharing this love is extremely important.

To complete this honor there are a few rules:

1.Display the award logo on your blog
2.Link back to the person who nominated you (just click HMC above)
3.State 7 things about yourself
4.Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
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Seven Fun Facts About Meghan:

1. I am a dance major in college.

2. I have super short hair and consider that a defining trait.

3. I come from a large family: 4 older brothers and 1 younger sister

4. It’s safe to say that grapefruit is my favorite food.

5. I have no shame in saying that I am in love with Harry Potter

6. I’m seriously obsessed with David Bowie

7. My sweet tooth is a monster!

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Tomorrow: Look at the big picture, don’t get caught up in the little things!

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